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Import Compliance Training

Learn from the best with import compliance training.

Educate your staff and strengthen your company’s import compliance with our on-site training sessions. All sessions include reference material and information handouts and certificates of completion for all participants.

Import training topics include:

Country of Origin & Marking
2 hours
Importers can’t mark their goods without knowing the country of origin. This session focuses on the relationship between origin and marking, and the importance of getting both right in the eyes of U.S. Customs. Participants will learn how to determine origin and proper marking techniques based on real product examples. Includes country of origin decision tree, case studies, workshop exercises, and other reference material.

How to ACE Import Compliance
2 hours

This session raises awareness and helps to develop skills for managing and improving importer compliance. Participants will be exposed to the basics of classification, valuation, marking, recordkeeping, and more. Includes ACE Portal demo, recordkeeping checklist, and other reference material.

Import Audit Prep
2 hours
If U.S. Customs visited your company today, would you be ready? This session examines the different types of audits and why they occur. Participants will learn how to know when an audit is coming, how to prepare, and what to expect the day of the audit. Includes checklists and other reference material for participants.

Valuation and Transaction Value
4 hours
This session develops the skills to apply different methods of Customs valuation and raises awareness of the most common valuation errors made by importers. Includes real world scenarios, workshop exercises, and other reference material for participants.

Introduction to CTPAT
1 hour
This session is designed for companies interested in applying to the CTPAT program and provides an overview of the program’s benefits, structure, requirements to join, and application process.

CTPAT Refresher
45 minutes
This session is designed for CTPAT member companies and reviews the program’s supply security requirements. It refreshes staff on physical, personnel, IT, and security procedures; as well as other security controls. Training can be customized to incorporate company’s own standard operating procedures. Includes training exercise and reference handouts.

Protecting Your Corporate Identity
1 hour

This session focuses on proactive measures importers can take to prevent corporate identity theft—one of commercial trade’s fastest growing crimes. Participants learn what constitutes importer identity theft, the most common sources used by thieves, and the best methods and tools for preventing and monitoring corporate identity theft.

Import Recordkeeping
2 hours
This session examines importer regulatory obligations for recordkeeping, including what to keep, retention periods, and proper storage methods. Includes reference handouts for training participants.

Qualifying for Free Trade Agreements
(Choose from NAFTA, DR-CAFTA, or U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement tracks)
2 hours each
These training sessions teach how to determine if goods qualify for NAFTA, DR-CAFTA, or the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement and how to properly complete certificates of origin. Participants will gain experience using rules of origin, tariff shift, and regional content valuation. Includes example certificates of origin and reference handouts.

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