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Export Compliance Training

Learn best practices from one of the industry’s best with MGTA export compliance training.

Empower your staff with the knowledge and training they need to sustain and manage your company’s export compliance. Our on-site training sessions include everything needed for a truly educational experience, from the engaging expertise of our instructors, to our visually illustrative presentations, interactive workshop exercises, and handy reference materials.

Export training topics include:

Key Export Controls
2 hours
Building on the existing knowledge of the basics of export controls, this training delves further to provide a more meaningful perspective on why they are necessary. It covers why the government controls exported goods; the difference between a commodity jurisdiction and classification; the importance of export documentation, screening, and recordkeeping; how to spot potential violations; and tips for managing AES (ACE) filings.

Commodity Jurisdiction and Classification
2 hours
Walk through the process of determining commodity jurisdiction and classification in this training session that covers both ITAR and EAR. Using a checklist designed by MGTA and publicly available reference material, trainees learn how to narrow down jurisdiction and pinpoint classification by reviewing the regulations from highest to lowest level of export controls. By the end of the session, trainees will have self-classified at least one product and walk away with an easy-to-follow, efficient process that they can apply immediately. Recommended for engineers and industrial designers.

AES Best Practices
2 hours
This training explains the intricacies involved in making sure your Electronic Export Information (EEI) is filed correctly in AES, as well as the recordkeeping requirements associated with it.

Routed Exports
1 hour
Even if an overseas client routes the cargo, the U.S. exporter (the USPPI) must still meet certain regulatory obligations. This training helps explain those requirements and how to comply with them.

Role of the Freight Forwarder
1 hour
A freight forwarder is a critical part of your supply chain. Learn how a forwarder helps to assure your cargo arrives at the proper destination and what your company should be doing to ensure you’re getting the most out of your relationship.

Contact us today to book a training session or to learn more about MGTA’s export training services.

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