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Other Import Services

Contact us to schedule an initial consult or obtain pricing for any of the following services.

Tariff Classifications
Are you struggling to classify your products? We can help. Our on-staff licensed Customs brokers have the experience and skill to classify goods in a wide variety of industries. We’ll review your current classifications for accuracy and help you manage your classification database.

Binding Ruling Requests
Binding ruling requests are necessary when you need a definitive answer from Customs on classification, origin, marking, or trade agreements. Such requests are very time consuming to prepare, as they require in-depth research and sample information from the importer about the product in question. MGTA specializes in preparing binding ruling requests conforming to the letter of the law to ensure a timely response from Customs. Call us today to get the binding ruling ball rolling for your company.

Prior Disclosures
A successful prior disclosure can limit your penalty liabilities, though it’s likely a complicated mission. MGTA’s team will work closely with your in-house or outside counsel, providing comprehensive research, drafting recommendations, preparing tenders, and documenting extensions—all prior to the start of a formal investigation by Customs. Contact us now for free price quote.

Importer Self-Assessment (ISA)
CTPAT certified importers who join the ISA program are exempt from comprehensive Customs regulatory audits in exchange for monitoring their own compliance. MGTA can help you with the ISA application process by improving your compliance manual, documenting your best practices, developing your ISA Self Testing Plan, and more. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an initial consult.

Marking & Labeling
A product’s country of origin can affect its duty rates, trade program eligibility, admissibility, quota, and marking requirements. Did you know that there are many exceptions to country of origin marking requirements for imports? Or that textiles, drugs, medical equipment, cosmetics, and many other commodities have special labeling requirements? Let our team of professionals guide you through this complex area of Customs law. Contact us today for more details.

Customs Audit Prep
Whether it’s a quick response or full blown regulatory audit, our skilled and experienced import compliance team can help you with the heavy lifting needed to survive a Customs audit. Let us provide you with proper guidance on preparing for an impending audit and expert support to assist with comprehensive responses to CBP’s questions. Don’t panic. Just contact us and we’ll help make your upcoming audit as painless as possible.

Duty Drawback
If your imported goods are subsequently exported, you may be eligible for a 99% refund of the duties you’ve already paid. It’s found cash. MGTA has the right people and technology to ensure your success in setting up the drawback process with U.S. Customs. Let our expertise translate to your bottom line. Contact us today to take advantage of our duty drawback services.

Ready to get started on any of these import consulting services? Contact us today.

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