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Export Licensing

Simplify your export license process today, with MGTA.

Not sure if your shipment requires an export license from the U.S. Department of Commerce or the U.S. Department of State? Mohawk Global Trade Advisors will help you find out. It often depends on factors including:

  • Commodity – what is being exported
  • Classification – the proper classification of the item)
  • Jurisdiction – Dept. of Commerce, Depart. of State, or other government agency/department
  • Destination country – not all countries require an export license
  • End user – depending on the nature of their business
  • End use – licenses are required for certain end uses

Once we’ve helped with your export licensing requirements, MGTA can:

  • advise you on how to apply for U.S. export licenses
  • train you to properly export licensable goods

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