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CTPAT Certification

Take steps toward CTPAT certification with MGTA.

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a customs initiative which extends supply chain security to the point of origin to help facilitate secure trade and reduced CBP security inspections for participants. To participate in CTPAT, a company must identify security gaps, close security gaps, and meet minimum security criteria throughout their supply chain. Mohawk Global Trade Advisors can help you do just that.

Our CTPAT certification package includes:

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Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Your company is committed to knowing its supply chain, and so are we.
At MGTA, we conduct thorough risk assessments on all aspects of your company’s supply chain and work to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Our risk assessment process includes

  1. Questionnaires are sent to clients and their international business partners.
  2. Responses from the questionnaires are used to prepare a written risk assessment report with security gaps noted and recommendations made for filling those gaps.
  3. Client and business partners review the risk assessment report and respond to the security gaps.
  4. The client’s CTPAT security profile is prepared based on the responses from the questionnaires and risk assessment report.

Our CTPAT certification package covers risk assessments for

  • procedural security
  • physical security
  • personnel security
  • access controls
  • manifest procedures
  • conveyance security
  • education and training

We actively follow-up our questionnaires with a written risk assessment in order to close security gaps and provide solutions that meet CTPAT minimum security criteria. Our comprehensive risk assessments cover your entire supply chain—from foreign factories to your U.S. distribution centers.

Additionally, our risk assessments include questions that meet the California Transparency & Supply Chains Act, effectively helping your company cover all its bases, not just CTPAT minimum security criteria.

Country Risk Assessment

Prior to sourcing your product, did you consider the risks associated with the country you would be purchasing from?

If your answer is no, you are not alone. Most companies do not perform a country risk assessment prior to sourcing.

Now that you are purchasing from a foreign country, it’s still important to understand the potential risks associated with that particular country and how it might affect your supply chain.

At MGTA we create and provide country risk assessments for each country our client does business with as part of our CTPAT package. The country risk assessment is a great tool to help our clients make sound business decisions and circumvent potential issues they may have been unaware of.

Our country risk assessments follow the guidelines established by CBP. For each country, we review:

  • human rights compliance
  • terrorism
  • organized crime
  • contraband smuggling
  • conditions which may foster additional threats

Example country risk assessmentExample Country Risk Assessment

Cargo Flow Table

Knowing your supply chain is fundamental to creating a cargo flow chart. Surprisingly, many companies are unfamiliar with what happens to their cargo once it leaves the factory.

We work with our clients and their factories, freight forwarders, and customs brokers to determine who is handling the freight through each step of the supply chain. For example, clients are often surprised to learn their cargo is not always trucked directly from the factory to the port of export. Cargo may be trucked from the factory to an intermediary port, loaded onto a feeder vessel or barge, and then offloaded at the ultimate port of export.

We also work with clients to determine approximately how many days freight is at rest once leaving the factory for a distribution center. It’s important for clients to be aware of this figure because cargo at rest is cargo at risk for security breaches. By providing a cargo flow table, we help clients better understand the potential risks within their supply chain.

Security Profile

Preparing a supply chain security profile can be daunting to say the least, but at MGTA, it’s second nature to us.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use canned templates to write your supply chain security profile. At MGTA, we take the time to write a security profile which details your unique supply chain. Using completed questionnaires and risk assessment responses from you and your business partners provides us with the detailed and specific information we need to develop a 360 degree view of your supply chain. Collecting this information is vital to creating a comprehensive security profile and providing a visual of your supply chain to your assigned Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS). Your SCSS then reviews your profile and determines if you meet the criteria to be granted CTPAT certification.

Your CTPAT security profile is required to address specific information about your supply chain, which varies depending upon the business entity applying for CTPAT.

CTPAT security profile requirements listed by type of business

CTPAT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Template

CTPAT member companies must have written processes and procedures for many of the program’s required criteria. Our CTPAT SOP template gives you the solid procedural framework to begin documenting your company’s CTPAT practices.

Our CTPAT SOP template includes

  • procedure samples for all of your company’s CTPAT required criteria
  • container inspection checklist
  • receiving exception report form
  • driver and visitor log forms
  • and much more!

The SOP template is provided as a Microsoft Word document, a format that allows you the most flexibility for customizing content to your company’s size and business model.

CTPAT Training

  • Intro to CTPAT
  • CTPAT Portal Training

At MGTA, we work closely with our clients to ensure they thoroughly understand the CTPAT program by providing on-site CTPAT training. This gives employees the opportunity to speak to our experts directly and really understand what CTPAT is all about.

In addition, we train our clients to familiarize themselves with the CTPAT portal and to navigate the CTPAT public document library found within the portal. The CTPAT library contains PowerPoint presentations of workshops offered at various CBP CTPAT conferences. The workshops cover topics such as how to perform a container and seal inspection, information on internal conspiracies, and seal security—just to name a few. We encourage clients to use these workshops as training tools for their employees and as pertinent material to share with overseas suppliers.

Training our clients on-site initially and familiarizing them with the CTPAT portal is all part of our CTPAT package.

Additional Training Offered

See Import Compliance Training for more details on these and other training sessions that we offer.

CTPAT Refresher
Designed for CTPAT member companies, this training session reviews the program’s supply chain security and other requirements.

Protecting Your Corporate Identity
This training session examines the most common ways that importer identity theft occurs and provides proactive steps to help internal staff prevent corporate identity theft—one of commercial trade’s fastest growing crimes.

Interested in joining CTPAT?

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CTPAT: To join or not to join
CTPAT Program Benefits Guide
CTPAT Overview Brochure
CTPAT Costs and Savings Survey (University of Virginia, 2011)
CTPAT Partner Survey (University of Virginia, 2010)

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