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Explore the Possibilities with Our FTZ Savings Calculator

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Regardless of industry, most business decisions can be boiled down to a few essential considerations. Is it worth it? What do we have to gain?

Likewise, these questions should be some of the first to ponder when a company is looking into operating in a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Many companies become interested in pursuing an FTZ because of the potential for duty and other savings opportunities.

Our FTZ Savings Calculator can help you estimate your company’s potential savings from operating within an FTZ. Simply provide your

  • total number of Customs entries filed annually
  • annual value of imports
  • annual duties paid
  • average ad valorem duty rate on finished products
  • average broker fee per entry
  • annual value of re-exports
  • percentage of scrapped imported merchandise
  • interest rate

With this data, the calculator will estimate your potential duty savings (from deferred, reduced, and eliminated duties) as well as possible savings that could be yielded from using an FTZ weekly entry procedure. You can then use the results to gauge whether or not its worth your while to further pursue an FTZ for your company.

Download FTZ Savings Calculator (PDF)

Is your company considering an FTZ? MGTA can help you with FTZ cost/benefit analysis, feasibility studies, FTZ setup/activation, and more. Learn more about our FTZ services or contact us today for a free quote.

Disclaimer: Additional savings opportunities may be available. Other factors not captured within this calculator may affect potential savings (e.g. use of special trade programs, industry activity, etc.). Calculations do not include time quantification of direct delivery savings of expediting merchandise movements, production equipment savings, inventory growth, handling of quota/visa merchandise, or NAFTA transactions.

By Michelle Sardella


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