Benefits of C-TPAT Certification

Manage Risk, Reduce Border Inspections, Protect Your Brand,
Comply with New or Existing Customer Mandates...

If your goal is to become C-TPAT certified , we can save you time, money, and  aggravation.

We Have a 100% Success Rate in Getting Our Clients C-TPAT Certified.
We help companies like yours improve supply chain security, reduce delays, and become C-TPAT certified. ​
Learn how to become certified and what's involved


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Beverley Seif
Vice President & General Manager

Beverley Seif is one of the country's leading experts in C-TPAT. A licensed Customs broker and certified Customs specialist, she previously operated a highly successful C-TPAT consulting company, where she gained a notable reputation with Customs officials and the business community for her guidance and expertise on supply chain risk and security assessment. Beverley is qualified to answer any question you have regarding C-TPAT, the certification process, or benefits to your company.

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Our C-TPAT Certification Package Includes:

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About Mohawk Global Trade Advisors

C-TPAT guidance, training, and procedure writing support.

We provide the knowledge and expertise you need to manage risk, save time, avoid delays, and reduce cost. The members of our team are some of the most sought after speakers for industry conferences, trade groups, and government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America.

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