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When it comes to international trade consulting, our knowledge and experience are in strong supply.

How do I know if my shipment needs an export license? What can I do to reduce supplier quality and delivery risks? I got a penalty notice from customs. Now what?

There’s no shortage of questions in the world of supply chain management and international trade compliance. Fortunately, the experienced team at Mohawk Global Trade Advisors has the answers. We work closely with you – and government agencies – to assist with international trade problems and questions. Bring us your toughest global trade challenges, and we’ll deliver solutions.

We are the experts.
Our advisors have the knowledge and experience to help you solve your toughest supply chain, international logistics, and trade compliance challenges.
We can help.
Whether you're in the role of international logistics, customer service, or another position, we can help make your job easier and your team more effective.
Upcoming Events

Webinar: Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Coming Back to Haunt You?

Price: $50.00

Date: August 16, 2016


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Portraits of the U.S. presidents from paper currency appear as semi-transparent ghostly apparitions over a cargo ship.

Flanges, stainless sheets/strips, aluminum extrusions, bearings, candles, solar cells, steel pipes, tires, wooden bedroom furniture, wood flooring—if you import any of these items, you’re not going to want to miss this webinar. That’s because all of these items are on an ever-growing list of goods that are subject to antidumping or countervailing duties (AD/CV). Unfortunately, most U.S. importers are completely unaware of the financial risk involved when purchasing such items overseas, and they fail to understand that additional duties may be due months to years after the goods have cleared.

Trade Fest 2016

Price: $150.00

Date: September 14, 2016

Geneva, NY

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Trade Fest 2016 | Geneva, NY 09.14.16

Transform your supply chain this September at Trade Fest, a full-day of insight, analysis, tips, and tools for anyone involved in buying or selling internationally. 15 speakers from the public, private, and government sectors will speak on nine different global trade topics. Don't miss this unique educational and networking opportunity, the only of it's kind this fall in Upstate New York. (8.5 CCS or CES credits)

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